Online Security is Possible?

There are delicate questions that can be asked about security and privacy. These days, security demands are increasing faster than the time it takes for a solution to be found. It can often be difficult to discern the differences. People still have to make choices regardless of what they are forced to give up. Visit before reading this.

Xrays at airports is a common example. Airport security scans all of the baggage and human belongings before anyone can fly. It is noble, as it promotes security for everyone. Then we look in and wonder what price we would have to pay to fly safely. Or to do anything safe at all, if such a thing exists these days.

Moving yourself and your belongings past the Xray is like getting naked for your doctor, who can’t stop waiting to make the rounds. However, you realize that you need to allow him to do it.

The tossing between privacy or freedom is like a ping pong ball. It must land on the right side of the boundary to be scored. A provocative twist is the question of security.

Was it really possible to feel secure?

Although it may seem unbelievable, celebrity stalkers who manage to get into celebrity homes and steal their secrets make us question this whole security thing. Is this really possible? Is it necessary to be stripped for our physical exam? Are X-rays necessary for keeping an aircraft safe from being bombed? Why didn’t they have Xrays before September 11, 2001?

Security is only possible if there’s no link between attacker and victim. This is extremely possible when it comes to online security.